VM Backup warning message

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VM Backup warning message

Postby CambridgeMS » Mon Nov 21, 2016 4:15 am

When I backup a Hyper-V VM, it appears to work, in that the files are created on the backup drive - 50Gb, and I get a 'success' message;
Virtual machine:
Destination: \21.11.2016-10.50\
TSTESTDDISC.vhd (50.00 GB)
003B377C-EC76-4DFD-918E-ABA5197E94DB.xml (16.61 KB)
HyperVBackup_92C1C3D5-2EB3-402D-A603-B0B7A27330FA.ubd (1.28 KB)

however, I also get the following error message, (Item and destination removed);

Item: \21.11.2016-10.50
Details: No files copied (specified folders could be empty, the items might not exist anymore or could be currently inaccessible, or verify extension filters, specific exclusions, file overwriting options)
Date and time: 21/11/2016 11:57:34

I need to know if the backup worked, and how to get rid of this error

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Re: VM Backup warning message

Postby cinzia.mancini » Wed Dec 07, 2016 10:55 am

Good morning sir,
please contact us by our technical form support.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.
Have a nice day
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