ESX backups, direct copy or zip?

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ESX backups, direct copy or zip?

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I've been trying to take advantage of zipping the backup before sending it over a slow link WAN. But i can only come to the conclusion that zipping backups is not a feature of doing ESXi backups, am I correct ?

Initially I had the Uranium backup server remote from the server being backed up. I checked the box to pre-zip the backup before sending it to the network share destination but that didn't seem to work.

So then I installed uranium on the server being backed up. Again i checked the pre-zip box and pointed the zip temp directory to somewhere easier to get to. I watched the backup and no zips are created, it just started copying a full 80gb VMDK file over the WAN.

Lastly I thought maybe I need to have a zip program installed. So on the same server I installed 7-zip and re-ran the test. NO change in behavior.

So from these tests, i'm concluding zipping is for a different backup function and is not usable as an ESXi backup feature ?
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